FlexMount S15 Thermal

The thermal sensor modules measure the thermal radiation of objects, so that they can function in absolute darkness.

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  • Weatherproof dual camera system for flexible mounting solutions
  • Two separately connected thermographic modules or one thermographic and one sensor module
  • Integrated DVR functionality: Slot for MicroSD card (up to 64 GB)
  • Functional expansion via MiniUSB and MxBus connector
  • S14 sensor modules cannot be used with S15 models (and vice versa)

The World’s First Flexible Dual Thermal Camera.

The compact S15D FlexMount is a universally deployable, easy concealable video system. The fully weatherproof IP camera has two sensor modules, which are each connected to the camera housing with a two-meter cable.

The thermal sensor modules measure the thermal radiation of objects, so that they can function in absolute darkness. Together with the new MxActivitySensor, they can reliably detect motion in images at night. Only changes in position trigger a signal. Objects moving on the spot do not trigger a signal. The thermal sensor modules also have an advantage during the day since they can detect moving objects in shadows, semi-darkness, smoke, or behind bushes.

Weatherproof Thermal Sensor Modules (IP66)
The thermal sensor modules are also designed for connection in the weatherproof aluminum housing on the S15D camera, for example, for customer-specific special installations. Here, it is possible to connect two thermal sensor modules to a camera in a very flexible way using two-meter cables for each module. MOBOTIX thermal cameras are designed for around-the-clock operation in industrial conditions. Just like for the M15D-Thermal, there are different focal lengths available: L43 (wide-angle 45°), L65 (tele 25°) and L135 (tele 17°).

Highly sensitive thermal sensor with NETD typically 50 mK (visualizes temperature differences starting at 0.05 °C/0.09 °F)
Unlike cameras with 5 MP image sensors, one of the decisive quality criteria for a thermal camera is not the image resolution, measured in pixels, but rather the camera’s ability to capture the slightest differences in temperature and to produce an image that displays these differences in colors. The sensitivity of a thermal sensor is measured in millikelvin by the NETD, or Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference. MOBOTIX thermal cameras offer a sensor value of 50 mK, which places them in the top range of cameras currently available for general use.

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